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Unfounded — a zombie time travel story

http://fastforwardfest.com/?p=428 Hey, have you ever sat around a) drunk b) high or c) sleep deprived  … AND had a conversation that drifted past the line “Has anyone ever written a zombie story involving time travel?” Well, next time you are drunk, high, or sleep deprived, please click on this link and find out what a zombie time travel story would really be like. I don’t necessarily recommend it sober and well rested, but you know yourself better than I do.

Meth Problem or New Baby

An old post from facebook after my son was born:

New Game: Do I have a serious meth problem or a new baby?

1) I have stopped showing up for work and no one there is surprised.

2) Last night, I went to a pharmacy with someone else’s perscription.  I said my wife was discharged in the middle of the night, I couldn’t go to the bank, and I just want the oxycodon.  Then I became hostile when the validity of my story was questioned.

3) I’ve stopped cooking and cleaning my house.  I only eat because people bring me food.

4) My house is filling up with unusual, partial assembled devices I can’t explain.

5) At least one person in my house has no teeth and is on a liquid diet.

6) At least one person in my house can remember taking oxycodon, but has to think whether they brushed their teeth or not.

7) Morning is no longer determined by the sun, but rather by the time I give up on trying to sleep.

8) I woke up in semi-darkness exhausted to the sound of screaming.  I saw the clock said 7:34, but I didn’t know if it was AM or PM or what day it was.  The answer to any of those questions wasn’t good.

9) I walked outside my house today and noticed a poop stain on the back of my hand.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t mine, but I wasn’t certain when it happened.  I decided I didn’t care and I’d wipe it off later.

‎10) There is also a guy living in my house that I just met 4 days ago.  He doesn’t talk, but stares at the ceiling like he has never seen lights before and he is suspicious of them.

Eric J. Guignard — editor — After Death

There are some good editors out there and authors serving as editors. This was posted in connection with the After Death anthology being released through Dark Moon. I think what I read below is worthy of reading:
Submissions are now closed for the anthology, “After Death…” Thank you so much to all who took the time to submit to this book! I’ve tried to keep up on reading throughout the open call period, but it will still take me several weeks to …get through everything. Acceptances and rejections will be sent throughout July-August and a final Table of Contents posted September-October. I learned a new term that was shared with me in a rejection I recently received, and I think it’s appropriate for me to share here. For my anthology, I received an “embarrassment of riches.” Meaning, I received SO many fantastic stories from SO many fantastic authors that it is truly embarrassing to have tell many of you that I can’t accept your writing for this book. This includes friends, peers, and authors whose strength of writing and accomplishments far surpass my own. Including those authors I prearranged with for an extension and those who were invited (extended deadlines), I expect to have about 350 submissions total. I received 42 subs just yesterday alone and 20 the day before that – Whew! I just finished logging in all submissions and sending confirmations. The average word count is much lower than my last anthology. 3,780 words is the average (Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations averaged about 4,500 words per sub). That totals to over 1.3 million words for me to review, the equivalent of about thirteen full-length (300+ page) novels. I will be accepting in the range of 100,000 – 110,000 words for “After Death…” which means about 26 – 29 stories, based on the average word count. Percentage-wise, that is about the top 7% to 8% of submissions will be accepted. Stories will be accepted not only on their merit, but also by their uniqueness and how they interrelate with each other. This means I am striving to maintain a proper “flow” or consistency in tone amongst stories, the way that you listen to songs in order on an album of music, though also with an emphasis on variety of beliefs and stories. Anyway, that’s just a few thoughts from me. Thank you again to all submitters and I will be in contact with each of you. I will continue to post updates on Facebook and my blog, http://ericjguignard.blogspot.com/. Keep writing!